Again and Again

I’ve been listening to Colonia from A Camp (featuring Nina Persson of the Cardigans) a lot this week, so I was excited to read they have a new EP of covers coming out next week. The EP will be available on iTunes on June 9th and includes the following covers: “Us and Them” by Pink Floyd, “Boys Keep Swinging” by David Bowie and “I’ve Done it Again” by Grace Jones (available below):

A Camp – “I’ve Done It Again” [Grace Jones cover] (mp3)

A Camp posted the following about covering the song on their official website:

Grace Jones did this originally on her Nightclubbing album (pull up to my bumper baby!), and it’s a hot track. We were drawn initially to the bizarre very smart lyrics and also that the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind is name-checked, that HAS to be the only instance of that in pop music. The time-travel/”ZELIG” tone to the words made a lot of sense as well as that’s kind of our vibe with Colonia. And we dug the sweet cocaine, studio-in-Barbados groove. The song manages to simultaneously seem nearly asleep and yet totally insane (in the best way), full of this world-weary sadness, plus a rage deep in there somewhere…not unlike Grace herself! As it happens we were on tour recently in Europe about a day behind her, so would see fresh traces of her along our journey, it was spooky and fun. We don’t believe she really exists. This track has become a fan fave in our live show. It’s got that Bosso flav; and Nina gets to bust out her magic claves!

The original was featured on Grace Jones’ 1981 album Nightclubbing (a little trivia: the title track is also a cover of a David Bowie song, as performed by Iggy Pop, making that two Bowie covers in one post). Listen to Grace’s version below:

Grace Jones – “I’ve Done It Again” (mp3)