Big Time Sensuality

The Bjork live set Voltaic I mentioned back in January now has a new official release date of June 23, 2009, pushed back from March. The set includes a disc of in-studio performances from 2007 (including reworked songs from Post, Homogenic, and Vespertine) and a DVD of live performances from her concerts in Paris and Reykjavík. The set also includes a DVD of all of the videos from Volta and a CD of remixes of songs from the album. As I originally mentioned, the tour included a 10-piece brass section, which resulted in some incredible reworkings of her songs.

Here are two from the live show in Paris, including a stunning rendition of Homogenic’s “Bachelorette” and Medulla highlight “Who Is It” (probably the most straightforward pop song Bjork’s released since Post):

Bjork – “Bachelorette” [Live in Paris, 6.25.2008] (mp3)

Bjork – “Who Is It” [Live in Paris, 6.25.2008] (mp3)

Head over to Bjork’s official site for more information about how to purchase the full set.