Don’t Deconstruct

I can totally understand that when some artists break away from the bands that made them famous to record solo projects, they prefer to focus on their solo material when it comes time to tour. Still, I’m happy to hear that Jenny Lewis has been performing some Rilo Kiley songs in her set on her current tour for her most recent solo record, Acid Tongue. It makes sense considering Jenny has written so many songs in Rilo Kiley’s catalog, including solo songwriting credit on the majority of the songs on Rilo Kiley’s last album, Under the Blacklight. Jenny dipped back to that album for both of the tracks below, which she performed solo at a recent show in Pomona, California in April.

Though Under the Blacklight is known for its decadently slick production and unabashed pop hooks, Jenny strips both songs down to only acoustic guitar, making them sound right at home amongst the lo-fi, folk-influenced songs of her solo records.

Jenny Lewis – “Silver Lining” [solo, live 4.13.09] (mp3)

Jenny Lewis – “Under the Blacklight” [solo, live 4.13.09] (mp3)

I admittedly wasn’t as big a fan of Acid Tongue as I am of most of Rilo Kiley’s stuff, but the song “Jack Killed Mom” was a standout track to say the least, probably one of my favorite things Jenny’s ever released. Here’s a live version of it from the same show as above:

Jenny Lewis – “Jack Killed Mom” [live 4.13.09] (mp3)