First Taste

Having some coffee while I scribble down a quick list of the shows I’m hoping to see today during SXSW in Austin, including Tori Amos tonight at the Universal showcase. I’ll just say right now the amount of live music happening everywhere you turn in this city right now is incredible and overwhelming, but mostly incredible. Before I head back downtown, let me provide a few very quick highlights of my first day here, including some photos I took along the way. I’ll definitely post more photos and further thoughts later on, I promise. Our first stop in Austin yesterday (after picking up our credentials at the Austin Convention Center and stuffing our faces with some much needed mexican food) was the  Levi’s/Fader Magazine Fort Party, where we saw Datarock (who you might remember I wrote about recently) in their red jumpsuits wandering around the crowd, and checked out a few of the performances on the main stage, including Post War Years. Abe Vigoda’s set was also pretty impressive. Check out some of their stuff on their official MySpace page. :

Also saw some amazing performances at the KCRW showcase at Buffalo Billiard’s last night, including: Port O’Brien – I was pretty blown away by this band’s performance, which brought to mind Neil Young or Wilco with its folky yet rough-edged sound. Right before they went on I noticed that David Fricke of Rolling Stone (by far my favorite music writer ever) was standing right next to me checking out their set. I’ll be curious to see if he writes anything about them but I definitely plan to investigate this band further. You can start with their official MySpace page.

Angus & Julia Stone: I’ve mentioned this brother/sister duo a few times before, and their live performance was even more charming and mesmerizing than the stuff on their debut, A Book Like This.   Alright, based on the schedule in front of me right now I’ll have much, much more to report later. Until then.