Minus Forever

Though live recordings of both tracks have been floating around for quite some time, two previously unavailable demos from Courtney Love’s (perhaps forever) forthcoming album Nobody’s Daughter, have surfaced: “Samantha” and a full band version of “Sunset Marquis” (a piano only demo was posted on Love’s MySpace page last year). Eleven other demos from the project leaked back in 2007, mostly from Love’s recording sessions with producer Linda Perry where it’s likely these two demos originated. Since then, Love has reportedly been working with producer Michael Beinhorn, who also produced Hole’s Celebrity Skin. These two tracks are clearly unfinished demos, and as I mentioned back in March, Love recently wrote on her MySpace blog about this original demo version of “Samantha” and her work with Beinhorn since the original sessions with Perry:

“Samantha,” you wont even recognize it. It’s so brilliant now. Don’t go getting demo-itis, almost everything but one thing has changed in radical ways and I don’t want to hear “I liked the first version.” That’s called demo-itis. You’re used to that song that way so you get possessive of that bridge and that riff and that sonic decision.

Here are the original demos:

Courtney Love – “Samantha” [demo] (mp3)

Courtney Love – “Sunset Marquis” [demo] (mp3)