Sugar Spell It Out

As part of box of boom’s interview with Amanda Palmer, I asked Amanda if she’d be willing to create a playlist of 5 tracks she’s enjoying at the moment. Here are her selections, the first of which she covered last week in London (watch the video on YouTube). Click on the title of each track below to listen to it in full:

Tegan & Sara – “Like Oh, Like H” (mp3)

AMANDA: “I love this whole album, “The Con”- I discovered it recently and couldn’t get enough.”

Arthur Lee – “Everybody’s Gotta Live” (mp3)

AMANDA: “I played this on repeat for all of last summer while I ran around the park in Edinburgh, It made me happy. Literally. it MADE me happy.”

Frank Sinatra – “Come Dance With Me” (mp3)

AMANDA: “I pulled this record out last year and wore it out. That voice…those trombones….”

The Smiths – “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (mp3)

AMANDA: “One of the best songs ever, simply put.”

Pinback – “Microtonic Wave” (mp3)

AMANDA: “These guys are incredible and all of their songs get better and better with every listen.”