Thank You Note

As I’m gearing up for my trip to Austin next week, I was lucky enough to catch a great show by a local band right here in Boston on Saturday night. The WANDAS played an explosive set to a packed room at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, featuring several songs from their latest album, New Wave Blues. The band’s sound is refreshingly upbeat and reminiscent of the new wave power pop of Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick. The energy and eagerness in their live set is contagious, and if you’re not in the Boston area, the good news is that as of the beginning of April, the WANDAS will be on the road touring the east coast, all the way down to Florida and back to Boston. Check out their official site for tour dates. The band’s entire catalog is also available for download on their official site, with a pay-what-you-want pricing policy. Here’s the video for the band’s “Thank You Note,” rightfully a fan favorite based on the reaction from the crowd, most of whom were singing along to every word: